Sexual Effects of Alcohol, Marijuana, and Ecstasy

What are the sexual effects associated with drugs?  While stereotypes abound, in a recent study, Joseph J. Palamar investigates the subjective sexual effects of the three most prevalent drugs among young adults; Alcohol, marijuana, and ecstasy (MDMA).

The researchers find that:

  • Compared to marijuana alcohol and ecstasy were more strongly associated with heightened perceived sexual effects (i.e. perceived sexual attractiveness of self and others, sexual desire, length of intercourse, and sexual outgoingness.
  • Increased body and sex organ sensitivity and increased sexual intensity were most commonly associated with ecstasy use.
  • Sexual dysfunction was most common while using alcohol or ecstasy, especially among males, and females were more likely to report sexual dysfunction after using marijuana.
  • Post-sex regret was most common with alcohol use.

The study, A comparison of self-reported sexual effects of alcohol, marijuana, and ecstasy in a sample of young adult nightlife attendees, was co-authored by Marybec Griffin-Tomas, Patricia Acosta, Danielle C. Ompad & Charles M. Cleland.

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